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Wendy Sweeties Limauge, Sweeties Brand, Sweeties SweepsMy name is Wendy “Sweetie” Limauge. I own Sweeties Brand, Inc.

While hosting a Book Review Party for our Connecticut friends, I found that authors need a way to get their books more exposure so I created Sweeties Picks to help author let the public learn about their fabulous work.

My Mama, Rose Marie Ward, was an avid reader and also writer. Mama Rose wrote a lot of poems and stories but was never able to publish a book before she passed away. She always had a dream of owning a bookstore and never had the chance to make it happen so this site is dedicated to her. Here is one of my favorite stories/poems that Mama wrote about her grandmother’s favorite rocking chair.

Ancestral Chair
by Rose M. Ward

As I rock in my Grandmother’s chair, I feel that I rocked in this chair a long time ago. I try to recall scenes from my children, and it starts to come back to me. I see this chair sitting still and empty. Then a little girl with a doll climbs into the chair and rocks it as her mother used to do when she was small. The girl’s face is so familiar that I must know her. It occurs to me that what I’m seeing is a scene from my own childhood when I used to rock in grandmother’s chair just as I still do. I do not know how many previous generations before my own may have rocked here, but I feel certain that this chair and I are a link in the chain of continuity.

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Sweeties Picks was launched in April of 2013 and is a division of Sweeties Brand, Inc. We feature books, authors and movie news.

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